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2020 Update

So I’ve gone and done exactly what every writer says they wont do but end up doing anyway: create a blog and then let it go dormant for...a while. Oops. The past year’s been a whirlwind. I don’t think I need to say much more than that. But beyond the current events devastating our country and the world as a whole in this awful dumpster fire of a year, I’ve experienced some significant, positive life changes as well.

Last fall I graduated from the Connecticut Fire Academy and started my probationary year at a full time fire department. I also completed a national Emergency Medical Technician course as required by the job. It’s an incredibly rewarding and demanding profession that’s occupied a lot of my focus these last several months, but somewhere in all of that I still made time (note I didn’t say FOUND time) to work on the next book.

WAKE OF WAR is still out there doing its thing and perhaps I’ll have some good news to talk about soon. Maybe.

But with everything going on in the world I feel somewhat selfish about being upset that cons and writerly gatherings have been all but cancelled for the year and probably into the next, but I’m hopeful we’ll find stability soon. I can only imagine how terrible it must feel to be a debut author this year and not be able to experience all those things we dream about like book launches and reading events and signings and cons. If writing was a lonely endeavor before, it’s even more so now. Routine has been thrown out the window, the future is unclear, and hope sometimes seems like a lost cause.

But we have to press on.

So...the next book (a new sci-fi military thriller) is a little over 30,000 words now and growing. Much like exercise, writing can be a somewhat perishable skill. In the time I took off from writing to complete training for my new career, it sometimes feels that I’ve all but forgotten how to write. But the more I press on, the more I knock the rust off those old motor pathways and the smoother things become. Rest assured, the words are flowing.

In any case, I’m still here and moving along. Thanks for checking in!

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