Military helicopters and forces between

Wake of War

A nation shattered. A people divided. Fear, oppression, chaos.

America, 2037.

US Army Specialist James Trent wants nothing more than to finish his enlistment and leave the military in one piece, but with civil war tearing the country apart that won't be so easy as he finds himself deployed to the front lines in the Salt Lake Valley. His unit's mission: clear a path through the rebel-occupied city to secure a privately-owned mining complex before the violent militia known as the Revolutionist Front can claim it for itself.

Sam Cross lost everything at the hands of the government when she was just a child. Now she's joining the fight in Salt Lake, and it's not long before her talent with a rifle makes her a key player in the struggle for control of the valley. But that kind of attention is a dangerous thing, and the path of revenge is bloodier than she could've imagined.

Markus leads a crew of former military operators running private security contracts wherever they can find them. They're tired, beaten down and their gear is falling apart, so when they're offered a job protecting the mine in Salt Lake, they can't refuse. Thing is, the valley is about to erupt in violence as the war pushes west. It's up to Markus to make sure they accomplish the mission and get out alive.

Soldier, civilian, mercenary…it doesn’t matter. The only thing left is to survive in the wake of war.